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Dr. Žanna Artiņa

Laser ophthalmology, diagnostics and therapy of various eye diseases

Dr. Žanna Artiņa is an experienced laser ophthalmologist, or retinal specialist, who performs in-depth diagnostics of the retina and surgical laser treatment, specialising in the treatment and prevention of retinal complications.

Dr. Žanna Artiņa performs blocking or treatment of retinal tears of various degrees, laser dissection of secondary cataracts after cataract surgery, early treatment of age-related macular degeneration, cleaning of floating spots or vitreous body laser therapy, prenatal retinal examination in pregnant women, as well as treatment and prevention of ophthalmological changes caused by diabetes.

Please note that an appointment with Dr. Artiņa must be made as early as possible, because these examinations are in great demand, however, as much as possible, acute patients with complaints of light flashes, flashes, floating points, spots, etc. which are the first signs of deviations from normal functionality of the retina, are also accepted.

  • Riga Medical Institute
  • Eye Department of Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital
  • Professor Krasnov institute (Russia)
  • DEye Department of National, State or Kingdom Hospital in Denmark
  • Author of many scientific publications and lectures on the use of laser therapy for the therapy of eye diseases

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