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Laura Zitmane

The leading night lens specialist of the clinic, who also performs pre-operative examinations

The specialist performs examinations of night lens use. Before laser correction surgeries of vision she thoroughly examines the parameters of vision, the health condition of the eye and suitability of a particular method of laser correction of vision or night lenses, as well as consults patients on various methods of the correction of vision.

She specialises in night lenses or orthokeratology (corneal refractive therapy), which involves in-depth examination, patient consultations, fitting of night lenses, and educating parents and children on the use of the lenses them. After the commencement of night lens use, the physician performs control examinations and long-term monitoring of the eye health of the patients.

The specialist is familiar with the possibilities of correction offered by various designs of glasses, advises patients on myopia control options and regularly updates her knowledge.

  • Latvijas Universitāte – profesionālais maģistra grāds klīniskajā optometrijā
  • Latvijas Optometristu un optiķu asociācijas biedre
  • Dalība LU 79. starptautiskās zinātniskās konferences sēdē “Cilvēka fizioloģija un uztvere”

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