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Cooperation with Stockmann in 2019

We hereby inform holders of the Stockmann loyalty card of their unique Stockmann customer privileges that are available in 2019: throughout 2019, undergo pre-surgery examination for EUR 39.00 (instead of EUR 60.00);  throughout 2019, get a 7 % discount on SMART LASIK and TRANS-EPI LASIK vision correction surgeries.  To use one of the special offers, [...]

Ready for Change 2018

At the end of 2017, when reflecting on all our pleasant changes after moving to new premises in Marijas iela 13, we decided that in the next year, in 2018, we will try to give and multiply the good we provide to others. Because of this, we decided to participate in TV3 show Gatava Pārvērtībām [...]

Stockmann Customer Offer 2018

Good news to all holders of Stockmann loyalty cards! During 2018 we offer pre-surgical laser vision correction surgery examination for only 39.-! Inform the administration that you are a holder of Stockmann loyalty card, show this card at the moment of payment and pay almost half the price during 2018. The regular 7% discount on [...]

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