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Today is the third day after surgery. I am using eye drops exactly as I was told to. My vision is perfect, although I am still in the process of recovery. I am 30 years old, but I have been wearing glasses since the age of 17, which means that nearly half my life I have spent wearing glasses. Since I am an advocate for an active lifestyle, I can’t really say glasses haven’t been an obstacle for me. They have been holding me back from almost everything. I can finally wipe the word “glasses” from my memory, hopefully forever. Vision is what we need for life. This clinic offers to enhance it using highest technologies and with maximum quality. I do not recommend looking for the cheapest ways—adventures in neighbouring countries—risking your eyesight and health that way. Skimping will only lead you to disabilities. I trust this clinic and its specialists 100%!

Kristaps, 12.01.2022

This was the best decision I have ever made. The surgery took only 10 minutes, and the doctors and the staff did their best to reduce my anxiety. Excellent service. I am very pleased!

Natalija, 06.01.2022

Everything went great. A very responsive and professional team. The best road to the perfect vision. 100% recommend!

Līga, 05.01.2022

Amazing staff and visits. And the surgery went without any pressure. I was always informed about what was going on and every step before and after the surgery seemed well-thought-out to make patients feel comfortable and not cause them unnecessary stress. I could already see perfectly in the far distance on the day of surgery, and in the next few days my mid-range and close-range vision stabilised as well. Recovery was smooth without my eyes burning. I was able to do everything already on the very next day. Thank you!

Krisjanis, 22.12.2021

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