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I was gathering my courage for 3 years before this surgery! I went through full vision examination for three years, but… I could not pull myself together! In December 2014, all circumstances were combined in a way, which did not allow for longer delay.
I was very, very much afraid, but now, with my hand on my heart, I can say – it is a piece of cake! Piece of cake! I had a feeling that I was on the operation table for 5 seconds! J
A visit to a dental hygienist (not a dentist!) is even less pleasant.
I trusted Dr. Lūkins a lot. Therefore, as soon as I saw the doctor, complete peace and conviction took over! I am happy that we understood each other and I did not make your job difficult by being stressful.
There is only one thing that I regret – that I did not pull myself together earlier!
Surrender yourself, believe and know that – the surgery is a piece of cake!


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