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Dr. Fēlikss Lūkins

The surgeon himself has experienced laser correction surgery

Dr. Fēlikss Lūkins, the founder of Dr. Lukins’ Eye Clinic, is the most experienced surgeon of the clinic specialising in laser vision correction surgery and a fourth-generation physician. Since 2003, he has been specialising in refractive surgery or laser vision correction and has performed more than 25,000 vision correction surgeries in patients from Latvia and abroad and most laser vision correction patients of our clinic are his patients.

The doctor has himself experienced a laser vision correction surgery, therefore he perfectly understands every patient who goes through the surgery. The doctor is most precisely characterised as a person striving for perfection and possessing strong empathy, therefore patients feel particularly safe in his hands.

  • Medical Academy of Latvia
  • Medical Postgraduate Education Institute of the University of Latvia
  • Eye Clinic of Yale University (USA)
  • Eye Clinic of Wurzburg University (Germany)
  • London Moorfields Eye Hospital (the United Kingdom)

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