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Dr. Lija Karlsone

The leading specialist of the clinic in neuro-ophthalmology

Dr. Lija Karlsone is the leading specialist of the clinic in refractive surgery and neuro-ophthalmology, who has been with the clinic since the moment it was founded.

One of the most experienced experts, who performs a wide range of vision checks, examines the condition of eye health and particularly specialises in the diagnostics and therapy of various eye diseases. Acute patients, who complain of various problems, are often referred to the doctor, who is capable of quickly helping them, by prescribing appropriate therapy.

  • Medical Academy of Latvia
  • Optometry Curriculum of The Department of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Latvia
  • Private Eye clinics in the USA
  • Carl Zeiss Meditec centre (Germany)
  • 12th European Congress for Ophthalmology in Sweden

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