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Absolutely amazing experience! Throughout the whole process, I received a very friendly and professional attitude from the clinic staff. I had a detailed explanation of everything, including the surgery process step by step. I constantly had the feeling that I was in safe and good hands. A huge thank you!

Elizabete, 07.04.2021

Thank you to the clinic for such an easy, fast, and great way to get rid of glasses and contact lenses. Safe to say it was the smartest decision I had ever made. Thank you to the staff for such a good attitude towards patients, and also to Dr. Lukins for his professionalism.

Sabina, 18.03.2021

Dr. Lukins’ Eye Clinic’s participation in makeover TV shows convinced me that laser eye surgery was not a complicated, undiscovered, and long process. And I was fully persuaded by my husband who told me not to torture myself with lenses and buying new glasses, because the old ones had lasted a long time. Instead, the interest-free loan available at the clinic was useful. It allowed the large sum of money to be divided into smaller parts. Thank you! Good vision should have been restored a long time ago!

Lelde, 11.02.2021

I am extremely happy about my new vision. I didn’t believe when people said that you can see better the minute you get off the surgical table. But that’s exactly how it was. At first I wasn’t sure if my vision could be corrected at all, because I had been wearing contact lenses and glasses for 20 years. And after giving birth, my vision deteriorated. However, both astigmatism and approximately -5.5 were corrected during the surgery. I really enjoyed the customer service (quick and kind) and doctor-patient communication. Everything was explained and clarified. I am satisfied with my choice to have the laser eye surgery in Dr. Lukins’ Eye Clinic.

Elina, 10.01.2021

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