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TRANS EPI - especially safe contact-free method

TRANS-EPI LASIK is one of contact-free laser vision correction surgery methods that has been recognised worldwide.


In contrast from SMART LASIK method, which involves the creation of corneal tissue flap and flipping it aside (without losing the contact with the cornea), followed by reshaping the corneal base by means of laser influence, TRANS-EPI LASIK method involves very precise and homogeneous initial removal of the upper layer of the cornea or epithelium, followed by vision correction – polishing of the corneal base and, thus, correction of the existing defects. Protective contact lenses are inserted into the eyes after the surgery – they protect eyes, promote healing process and reduce discomfort. The contact lenses are worn for 3-4 days, while the healing of epithelium is happening.


Although TRANS-EPI LASIK method involves comparatively longer post-surgical period, while the regrowth of epithelium and eye adaptation to the new conditions occurs, however, it is an excellent possibility of performing laser vision correction surgery in the cases, where the risk of complications associated with cornea flaps is high, or patients that have had vision correction surgeries performed and require repeated surgery.

  • Especially sparing
  • A second chance for the patients that require it

“superficial” Method that is Enjoyed by the Patients

In comparison with other contact-free or superficial methods, TRANS-EPI LASIK method inflicts the least discomfort and provides the fastest stabilisation. Exactly this is the reason why we are using only this contact-free method.


The upper layer of the cornea or epithelium is removed very precisely and homogeneously.

The correction of vision is performed – the shape of the lens at the base of cornea is polished in accordance with the required correction. The time of direct impact of the laser is unique for every patient, because it depends on the required correction, but, in order to create awareness of the speed of the procedure – the excimer laser implements the correction of 1 dioptre after approximately 1.6 seconds!

Contact lenses are inserted into the eyes after surgery, and left for 3-4 days until the epithelium has been completely regrown. The contact lenses protect the eyes, promote healing process and reduce discomfort.

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